Friday, September 12, 2014

Japanese G1 - Destrons

It's the Destrons turn at getting some attention paid to the Japanese Generation 1 era. All of the cards featured in this post are cards I've managed to round up over my years of collecting. Enjoy!


Rampage was always my favorite Predacon, hence why I have his card and not the others! I'm hoping the upcoming MMC Tigris is as good as what I hear he is.


Flywheels is my online alias, so you know I had to seek out the Japanese version of the toy for my collection.



The Terrorcons are another one of the Scramble City combiners that I've been slowly assembling over the years.  I may have Cutthroat's card too in one of my "backlog" stacks.

1/2 of Darkwings

My brother purchased me a MIB Bullhorn at Botcon for my birthday, circa 2001 I believe for $50. Can't find deals like that anymore!

I've established this fact on my toy review blog, I love the G1 Pretenders. Deal with it.

I'm only lacking one Seacon toy (Lobclaw) and one Seacon card (Turtler) from my set being 100% complete.

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