Monday, September 15, 2014

Shattered Glass e-Hobby fun courtesy of Optimal Omega!

My good buddy and fellow blogger, Optimal Omega, sent me a few new scans for the database! He deserves a huge shout out. Make sure you check out his awesome Transformers blog as well.



These two cards came from Takara's TF Collection, the ones in the bookstyle boxes with Dreamwave art. I bought the entire series of these when they were new so expect to see more of these in the near future.


e-Hobby released the first version of Sunstorm in 2003 alongside fellow exclusive Road Hauler. Sunstorm reuses the Thundercracker art.





I never was a huge fan of the Shattered Glass concept, but I do have to admit these toys were tough for me to turn down. Thankfully Optimal Omega had these cards in his collection to share. I still may have to buy Slugfest at some point in the future as I love the artwork and the red and silver on the toy looks great.




The Shattered Glass items featured were also e-Hobby exclusives from 2013.

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