Monday, September 8, 2014

Beast Wars - McDonald's Happy Meal

In 1996 McDonald's fast food restaurants featured Beast Wars as part of their monthly Happy Meal theme. I can still vividly remember this promotion as I had just gotten back into Transformers the year earlier as Generation 2 toys were hitting clearance at local retail. While these cards aren't really bio cards like the others featured here, these are too cool to not share for many reasons.

1) Note the Generation 2 logo?  We know that Kenner eventually changed the Transformers logo used for the Beast Wars packaging. The size of the two logos would be switched too, with Beast Wars being the more predominant of the two.

2) The art work used on these "cards" is the same that was used in the mini comic that was packaged with the Optimus Primal (bat) and Megatron (alligator) two pack. Some of the character designs would later be changed (Scorponok for example).

3) The 4 exclusive characters, Panther, Rhino, Beetle and Manta Ray, were treated to their own cards as well. This is the only known artwork for these characters.

I haven't really seen these images shared anywhere else online so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




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